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All About Us

Stuck in the proverbial lobby of Vancouver's music scene, We Found a Lovebird find themselves perched on the edge of genres; not hard enough to hang with the metal guys, not poppy enough to bop with the indie folk,
and certainly not punk enough to rage with the punks, regardless of the generation.

Still there's no denying that the 70's inflected, singer-songwriter material
borrows from all those genres for their 3rd release 'Lobby'.

Previous releases have seen comparisons to Television, Kinks, Wilco, Elvis Costello, Modern Lovers, The Jam, but with the release of 'Lobby', We Found a Lovebird may finally claim a place in the fragmented Vancouver Music scene.

Join them on their flight path and discover why VanMusic named them
one of Vancouver's Best Independent Bands of 2015.